A wheelchair production workshop will open in Zestafoni, supported by Georgian Manganese LLC that has provided free use of a building belonging to the company. Besides GM, Bank of Georgia and Mac Georgia are supporting the project.
Full renovation of furnace Nr. 2 at Zestafoni Ferroalloy Plant is complete and production unit will be fully powered (8.5 MW) after heating, which allows to produce additional 38 to 40 tons of ferrosilicon daily.
Georgian Manganese LLC and Chiatura City Hall have joined forces on Sept. 1 to organize a large-scale cleaning campaign in the city. Activities started at Giorgadze Str, Darkveti and the central enrichment factory. Employees of Chiatura Municipal Cleaning Service together with GM workers cleaned the most polluted sections of the…
According to the environmental policy adopted by Georgian Manganese LLC, its heavy vehicles loaded with ore and concentrate will no longer move through the city of Chiatura from Sept. 1, 2019. The company has secured movement of ore by rail, which will significantly offset the city's main highway. GM officials…
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