GM’s Large-Scale Projects in Chiatura. A video report in Georgian is available at our Facebook page. Please follow to Facebook link bellow
GM Speaker Holds a Discussion with Chiatura Student Council - Please follow the link to see a full video in Georgian at our Facebook page:
On Nov. 12, 2019, employees of Zestafoni Ferroalloy Plant together with representatives of the “Women for the Future” organization planted 500 tree saplings in the area of lower Sakara village, where the project foresees planting of 25,000 trees over a certain period of time. Georgian Manganese along with volunteers organized…
A large-scale celebration of Metallurgy Day took place in Zestafoni with the help of Georgian Manganese LLC over two days in a row and included environmental and entertainment events. One of the projects called “Make your future greener” includes GM’s more environment friendly production, into which the company has invested…
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