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GM Moves Out of Chiatura Administration Building

Georgian Manganese has stopped working in the building of the Chiatura Mining and Processing Plant. According to the company management, starting today the building will acquire a new life: it will be given to a public educational center and will be focused mainly on supporting local youth and children. The center will allow all individuals or organizations, including NGOs, to implement educational, cultural, tourism and other business projects.

The company believes that this is the best gift for the city, allowing local residents to carry out activities that will contribute to Chiatura’s well-being.

In addition to providing space for interested individuals and groups, Georgian Manganese is ready to support all interesting projects and initiatives.

The reason for departure of the administration from the Chiatura administration building was recent restructuring inside the company. As a result, the company's production facilities were transferred to private companies that now operate under the Georgian Marganese’s license.

GM believes that it is an efficient form of doing business, which has made the relationship between management and employees more flexible and the activities of private firms more efficient.