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Friendly Soccer Cup Kicks Off in Zestafoni

Tournament of friendly soccer games has begun in Zestafoni, with support of Georgian Manganese and participation of the Zestafoni ferroalloys plant "Ferro" team, which won the first match 3:1.

"Georgian Manganese pays a lot of attention to sport events and social projects. Today is a great example of that. I think that company will continue with initiatives like this one and our team can win many more matches," said Vasil Gvelesiani, ZFP director. 

According to the "Ferro" team captain Giorgi Manjavidze, the cup will take place all over Georgia. "Winning the first match has given us good motivation to continue playing in the regional league," Manjavidze said. 

The tournament has been organized by the 7x7 Association and the Georgian Fund of Football Development. 

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