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This Month's Best Employees on Billboards in Zestafoni

Billboards featuring best employees of the ZFP have again been placed in the streets of Zestafoni. 

Zviad Merkviladze (team leader), Merab Chankvetadze, Shermadin Saralidze and Vaso Maglakelidze are aknowledged as best workers for overfulfilling the working plan and outstanding discipline. 

"I am glad that our employees welcome this new tradition set by the management as a way to say thanks to all the honest workers who take on responsibility and fulfil their duties," said GM director Merab Lominadze. 

"This status means a lot to our team. It affects our mood and motivation. It is so pleasant when your team is chosen among such a great number of workers at the plant, and when you are the team leader," said Merkviladze. 




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