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GM Finances "Discover Chiatura" Youth Summer Camp

Supported by Georgian Manganese, a summer camp "Learn about Chiatura" launched in the village of Katskhi, Chiatura. The project, which was the idea of a local young lady Mariam Doghnadze, brings together the region's young leaders. 

Teenagers from Zestafoni, Chiatura, and Vartsikhe participate in the camp for four days. The agenda includes sports and intellectual games, hiking trips, debates, and campfire games.   

"This project is so important for us, local teenagers. I am so glad Georgian Manganese decided to support it. We get the chance to get to know each other and the area, and to relax. It is also focused on employment and support to family hotels. Chiatura region has a great potential tourism. Thanks to GM for standing by and sharing our ideas," says Mariam Doghnadze.


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