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GM Begins Land Reclamation Works in Village of Darkveti

Georgian Manganese has begun technical land reclamation at the Katsitadze-1 quarry, which is about 8.4 hectares large, in the village of Darkveti in Chiatura. This process shall end in 10 days. 

Ecology improvement is one of the priority tasks for Georgian Manganese in Chiatura. In the recent two years, the company has reclaimed 130 hectares of land, including several spots with biological reclamation. This process will last until the land gets back to its original state.

"Land reclamation has not been done in these areas for many years, some works were haotic. In the last three years we have led land reclamation works in a very large area," GM special manager Nikoloz Chikovani said.  

"After technical reclamation is over, we will prepare for biological reclamation of the mentioned areas. The land plots will be guarded, and trees will be planted. Reclamation works have been completed in Rgani, Turmanuli, Sabue and other quarries. This year, we will continue with two simultaneous processes: technical reclamation of 50 hectares and biological reclamation this coming fall," Irakli Nozadze, GM's environment protection director, said. 

GM considers ecology policy its priority, according to the obligations taken before the government of Georgia.  

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