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Land Reclamation Works Completed in Rgani Village

This is how a reclamated land plot in the village of Rgani looks like. Soon, it will be greener here. Open quarry #27 that occupied 8.63 hectares of land was the spot where Georgian Manganese actively worked on for years to extract manganese ore. The company plans to fulfil its obligations to the government regarding environment protection. After the resources ran out, the quarry was shut, and the land plot underwent technical reclamation.

It is not easy to extract manganese ore in the regions where people live. 

However, GM and local population have learned to exist side by side during dozens of years. Locals realize how important it is for this company to function without interruption and how crucial its work is for the whole region and the country. It is important that every participant of this process takes on responsibility for their part of work.

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