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Georgian Manganese Organizes Delivery of Essentials to Elderly in Chiatura

Delivery of essential food items to elderly single people over 70 has been organized by Georgian Manganese in Chiatura. The company, along with the Chiatura mayor’s office, purchased the most necessary products for over 230 elderly beneficiaries and organized delivery to their homes in the villages of Perevi, Gundaeti and in the town of Chiatura. Chiatura Mayor Givi Modebadze and representatives of Georgian Manganese personally took part in this project.

“Health and safety of each Chiatura resident is very important for us, so we are ready to come to your home and deliver the goods. We call on everyone to stay home. If necessary, volunteers will serve your needs further on,” Modebadze said.

According to Special Manager of GM Nikoloz Chikovani, the company is ready to assist other elderly people in Chiatura and the municipality. “GM realizes the seriousness of the situation and the spread of the new COVID-19 virus and takes the responsibility for delivering essential goods to the elderly citizens. Their safety and health is important to us,” Chikovani said.   

It is notable that during the COVID-19 pandemics period, GM has implemented several other social projects. “I call on every citizen, especially those who are at a greater risk, to stay home, so that we could overcome this difficult period as soon as possible,” Chikovani said.

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