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Georgian Manganese Launches 22.5 MW Furnace at Zestafoni Ferroalloy Plant

Special manager of Georgian Manganese, Mr Nikoloz Chikovani, announced that Zestafoni Ferroalloys Plant had launched the fully refurbished furnace of 22.5 MW:

“Georgian Maganese is the third largest exporter in the country today. In this difficult situation, when hundreds of companies close, many jobs are lost, and national currency is devaluating, smooth operation of our company is crucial. Employees of the plant very well realize this fact and they have not stopped working for a minute at different stages of the epidemics. Today, as never before, our country needs to see inflow of foreign currency and to continue exporting our product.

Georgian Manganese not only keeps up continuous working process, but also increases production, which is highly appreciated. The company has invested $3 million into this project of the new and more powerful furnace. However, the main investment is continuous joint work of our team: the design bureau, the technologists, the energy and mechanical departments, labor safety and construction workers, who had been working for months to come to this result, to expand production, to create many jobs in the region, and to increase export flow.  

I would like to note that furnace launch had not been planned at this stage, however, in order to support Georgia’s economy in this complicated for our country moment, we decided to announce the opening,” Chikovani said.


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